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Returnable Transport Item Label

Ideal solution for track and trace of returnable plastic items, built to withstand multi-cycle washing procedures while providing companies with efficiency, inventory shrink reduction, drive sustainability and optimized supply practices.


Top Layer


Chemical Resistance

  • 180h Salt water (salinity 10%) exposure
  • 180h NaOH (10%, pH 13) exposure
  • 180h Sulfuric acid (10%, pH 2) exposure
  • 180h Motor oil exposure
  • 30min Acetone exposure

RFID inlay

Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Passive inlay: ShortDipole Monza R6 Air interface protocol: EPC Gen2 Class 1, ISO 18000-6c Operation frequency: 860-960 MHz03

Delivery format

In rolls, 2500 units per roll, 2 rolls per box, Box size 25*25*50 cm04

Shelf Life and Storage

12 months from date of dispatch by Tadbik when stored In the original packaging at 15˚-25˚C and 50% RH operating temperatures -40˚-85˚C05


Special high chemical resistance acrylic based adhesive06


Asset tracking

Optional logo & barcode printing

Increases efficiency

Resistant to outdoor & harsh environments

Optional pre-encoding

Excellent chemical resistance

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