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RFID Windshield Label

Optimized to work on car windshields, low cost, more accurate and secure way to allow access into various gated locations.

Our Fully customized windshield label can be printed on both sides with instructions, bar-code and logo. The label can be a safe payment tool for parking lots and other paid access areas.


Top Layer

Customizable including UV protective layer01

RFID inlay

The label consists of a passive RFID inlay:
Ultra High Frequency (UHF),  EPC Gen2 Class 1, ISO 18000-6c
or High Frequency (HF) ISO 14443A02

Delivery format

In rolls, 2500 units per roll03

Shelf Life and Storage

12 months from date of dispatch by Tadbik when stored In the original packaging at 15˚-25˚C and 50% RH at operating temperature of -40˚-85˚C



Special acrylic based adhesive05


Branding tool

Automatic payment

High quality printing

UV protected


Optional tamper evident

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