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Flexible Packaging - CLP

For more than 50 years, Tadbik-CLP has provided customers with cooperative R&D for innovative products, fast time to market and excellent customer service. Today, we manufacture advanced laminates that comply with the most stringent international standards, backed by advanced Quality Control labs.

Our complete range of products are designed to cope with even the most demanding products - from hard-to-hold aggressive cleaners to the delicate aromas of fresh-roast coffee - as well as simpler wet wipes, floor cleaners and stain removers. Our robust, durable webs are stiff enough to withstand vacuum packing and tough enough to resist punctures. These sturdy leak-proof products create the perfect environment for extreme liquids like acetone or stain and paint removers, and can be fitted with gas release fetters for especially aggressive materials. 

Our products enhance on-shelf value with high quality graphic design and printing as well as the option of additional features such as shaped laser scoring and re-closable spouts for added consumer convenience. 

From the packaging machine to store shelves, our sophisticated pouch and rollstock films and flexible lidding all deliver outstanding performance. 

  • Short lead time 

  • Technological expertise for effective R&D with clients

  • Uncompromising product quality and customer service.

Tadbik range of products