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About the Tadbik Group

The Tadbik Group is Israel's leading provider of labeling and packaging solutions, and a global leader in the field. With production facilities in the north, center and south of Israel, as well as plants in the U.S., South Africa and Russia, we are in constant touch with international trends and technologies.


Our flexible packaging and labeling solutions can be found on retail shelves around the world, helping brands large and small capture attention and build their image. Our label and sleeve application equipment is used on packaging lines worldwide.


Each member of the Tadbik Group is an innovator in its field. Product development, new technologies, precision equipment, skilled staff and a constant commitment to excellence


come together in outstanding products and customer experiences.


We also work together, allowing customers to flow among our various subsidiaries to find the ideal packaging or decorating technology for their brands.


There's little we haven't done in the labeling and packaging industry. From the food aisles of Harrod's to the laundry soap selection in Cape Town to fashion displays in Paris and New York, Tadbik's labels, sleeves and flexible packaging set a high standard for the industry.


We offer turnkey services, from initial concept through design and production. It starts with our full prepress departments, whose staffs work closely with clients through concept and development, understanding the materials that will meet their needs and budgets, and guiding them all the way through the plate making or cylinder engraving process.


On the production line, our craftspeople use the finest equipment in the industry, making the countless tiny adjustments needed to ensure that every project looks its best. And through it all, our customer service teams ensure that doing business with us is smooth and easy.


At every step of the way, our hallmarks are efficiency, reliability, cost-effectiveness and – always – quality.


The Group's various subsidiaries are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000,


HACCP, BRC-IOP, SI 5113 certified.