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After more than three decades of growth, Tadbik is the second home to 800 employees at five manufacturing sites around the globe.

Since its establishment, Tadbik has been committed to excellence, innovation and uncompromising customer service.

Catering to the most respected brands in the world.

Flexible Packaging

Combine packaging and decoration to achieve superior products which stand out at the point of sale.


Bring the best aspects of your product to the customers’ attention with attractive and informative labels and decorations.

Packaging Equipment

Efficiently and accurately, automate labeling and packaging decoration in a wide variety of industries.

Smart Labels & RFID Tags

Integrate RFID technology into your products and processes to track & trace inventory, automate supply chain, authenticate brand and improve operations.

Food Co-Packing Solutions-Toppers

This elegant solution can lead to the expansion of product lines and provide a competitive edge in many segments

Polynum Insulation

Protect your roof and home with our best in class reflective insulation products. Variety of choices for building insulation and temperature-controlled shipments.

“Nothing is impossible”


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