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Automated Shrink Sleeve Systems

With three decades of engineering experience, Tadbik Shrink Sleeve lines are designed to ensure the optimal productivity and cost-effectiveness, across industries and verticals.

All automated shrink sleeve systems can be produced as standalone line or integrated easily into your existing production line.

The intuitive systems shorten the operator’s learning curve dramatically, enabling efficient production within a short time frame.

We offer a wide range of sleeving solutions, including various speeds of shrink sleev applicators, hot air shrink tunnels, steam shrink tunnels, hybrid shrink tunnels, drying tunnels and complimentary equipment such as feeding and collecting systems.

All of Tadbik’s shrink sleeve systems are manufactured in compliance to EU mechanical and safety regulations (CE) in an ISO 9001:2000 certified facility. Our machinery can be found across facilities in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, agricultural, cosmetics, chemical and industrial companies among others.

Tadbik Shrink Sleeves Line

Special Application Shrink Sleeve Line

Shrink Sleeve Tunnel


Product types: cups, containers and bottles (filled and empty)

Coverage range: full body, partial body, tamper evident

Materials: plastic, glass and metal

Complimentary Equipment

Feeding (de-stacking) systems

Printer integration

Collecting (re-stacking) systems

Labeling Equipment integration

IR Dryer

Inspection/rejection including various vision systems


Out of the box solution

Stable and precise
sleeve placement

Custom-made solutions
to best address your needs and production line


High speed sleeve applicators up to 600 sleeve/min

Cost-efficiency in mind

On-site support

Robust construction, combining top quality components

Integration to complex existing production lines

Easy setups for
multiple products

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