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High and Medium Barrier Films & Pouches

HB (High barrier):

7 & 9 layer, lidding Film for MAP & FFS applications BOPET//PE/EVOH/PE, BOPET//PA/PE & BOBPET//PE

ExcellenSuitable for lidding on preformed trays and top web to vacuum thermoforming

Locked & Easy Peel to PE, PP, PET, AL, PS & PVC

Different Barrier levels : HB, MB, LB

Excellent optical and anti-fog properties

Works on all machines : TFFS, VFFS and HFFS

Sealing properties:

  •  Lock Seal to PE
  • Easy-Peel to PP
  • PP – Lock & Easy Peel
  • Multi purpose film
  • Easy peel to AL
  • Easy peel to APET/CPET

Wide range of sealing layers

Thickness: 35µ - 100µ

MB (Medium barrier):

OTR 50- 100 cc/m2/day

LB (Low barrier):

OTR 100 & above cc/m2/day

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