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Labeling Applicators

For three decades, Tadbik Systems has been an OEM of Label Applicators (LAs).

Over the years, Tadbik Systems has become an expert in the field, offering Label Applicators for diverse requirements and purposes.
We provide Label Applicators either as standalone products, or as a component of Labeling Machines.

From the simplest to the most comprehensive and elaborate project, we do it all.

Tadbik Systems’ Label Applicators consist of advanced control systems. This enables top quality and precise application of labels, along with intuitive User Interface and integration with ERP systems.

High speed applicator

High Speed applicator accurate performance


Self-adhesive labels

Accuracy: +- 0.5 mm

Min label width: 10 mm

Core diameter: 3``

Max reel diameter:
300 mm

Speed: up to
42 Meter/Min

3 label width
standard options:

  •  Up to 120 mm
  • Up to 180 mm
  • Up to 240 mm


Clear labels option


Wide range of
mounting option:

  •  Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Up to 4 axis

Encoder option

Special applications may include

Speed up to 80 meter/min

Label width up to 300 mm

Automatic switching between applicators for continues (nonstop) operation

External feeder for up to 600 mm reel diameter

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