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NFC Wristbands

The RFID wristband is perfect for membership clubs, cashless wallets and access control within the park, resort or any other event.

The wristband is light and comfortable on the wrist, allows fast and convenient cashless payments and social media brand engagements. all with a simple tap.


Top Layer

Polypropylene with thermosensitive coating
Optional: High chemical resistance over varnish01

Bottom Layer

White Polypropylene blown film02

RFID inlay

The label consists of a passive NFC inlay: Based on NXP NTAG or MIFARE IC’s family NTAG 213
With the following frequency standards  ISO 14443 A03

Delivery format

In rolls04

Shelf Life and Storage

12 months from date of dispatch by Tadbik when stored In the original packaging at 15˚-25˚C and 50% RH05


General purpose, acrylic based adhesive06



Optional pre-encoding

Allows interactive & personalized marketing

Cashless wallet


Optional printing of UID & serial number

Intended uses

  • Admission Control
  • Cashless Wallet – “Tap & Pay”
  • Ultimate security against counterfeit
  • Marketing promotion
  • Coupon-integration
  • Smart hotel solutions
  • Designed to enhance customer interaction

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