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RFID Logistics Label

Tadbik RFID logistics labels optimize supply chain management processes, prevent inventory discrepancies or unwanted human errors and promote overall operations efficiency. Using RFID labels for Warehouse Management, Logistics, production line and medical equipment inventory tracking, allows for automatic identification of items, controlling their location and accurate verification of shipped products.

With RFID tags, many items can be read, automatically, without the need for direct line of sight. Managers can rely on accurate visibility and real stock information to conduct smart analytic decisions and be able to trace items from the production floor to the point of sale.
Since no project is alike, Tadbik team can offer a dedicated tagging solution according the project requirements.

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Compatible with thermal transfer printers

Customizable material for every surface

Water resistant & durable

Withstands hot & cold temperatures

Asset tracking

Easy to apply

Intended uses

  • Control over production processes
  • Regulation tracking demands
  • Asset and Inventory¬†Management
  • Quality and Warranty control
  • Waste Management
  • Airport Luggage tags solutions
  • Retail solutions
  • Track and Trace solutions
  • Work in Process (WIP) tracking

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