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RFID Windshield Label

Tadbik manufactures various RFID windshield labels with different levels of security features. Optimized to work on car windshields, this passive RFID label acts as an automatic identification of vehicles passing through fixed overhead gates or boom operated access control points at Tolls and parking lots.

Tadbik RFID security windshield transponder enables Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) operation, helps prevent fraud and enhances Intelligent Transportation Systems. Using secure encrypted tags can allow the label to be used as a secure payment device for Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), Automatic Fuel dispensing and other paid access applications.

Our Fully customized windshield label can be printed on both sides with instructions, bar-code, logo and serialization; can also include frangible materials, destructible Antennas and slits and cuts.

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Branding tool

Automatic payment

High quality printing

UV protected


Optional tamper evident

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