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Roof Insulation

The sun heats a roof, primarily by the sun’s radiant energy. Polynum™ insulation reflects  97% of the radiant energy back. We offer a variety of materials for roof insulation, with different air bubble layers. Our products are optionally reinforced by fiber net for extra durability and ease of handling


High Thermal resistance (R-value)

Light weight

Ease of application

Non-itchy. FDA, HACCP and BRC approved.

moisture proof, fungus and mold free

Does not attract nesting, rodents, birds, or pests.

Antistatic, does not collect dust, does not retain bacteria, odors or dirt.

No protective equipment such as gloves or breathing equipment is required for installation

Hypoallergenic, non-crumbling material, no airborne micro particles, does not create respiratory problems.

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