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Temperature Controlled Shipments

Polynum’s thermal blanket is a cost-effective passive cooling system that protects your temperature sensitive cargo by shielding it from exposure to extreme weather and temperature conditions.

Polynum’s blanket is a single-piece cover designed to fold over the goods. It is made of thermal bubble foils laminated with high resistant reflecting aluminum foils. The blanket is sealed with Velcro on all four corners to allow easy assembly and disassembly.

Our blankets are not bulky and combine all the benefits of a high R-Value (Thermal Resistance), light weight, health risk-free product. They have been approved and validated by major global companies for transportation of pharmaceuticals, food and other temperature-sensitive substances.


High Thermal resistance (R-value)

Light weight

Ease of application

Variety of sizes for airfreight

Non-itchy. FDA, HACCP and BRC approved.

moisture proof, fungus and mold free

Antistatic, does not collect dust, does not retain bacteria, odors or dirt.

Does not attract nesting, rodents, birds, or pests.

No protective equipment such as gloves or breathing equipment is required for installation

Hypoallergenic, non-crumbling material, no airborne micro particles, does not create respiratory problems.

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