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Top & Bottom Labeling Systems

This versatile labeler can come as top only, bottom only or top and bottom labeling machine.

It comes with a split belt or chain conveyor, allowing the bottom labeling head to apply Pressure Sensitive (Self- Adhesive) labels on cups, trays, bottles and any other shapes of different containers.

A Print & Apply labeling machine

A Top & Bottom labeling machine

Complimentary equipment

Printer integration

Collecting (re-stacking) systems

Inspection/rejection including various vision systems

Feeding (de-stacking) systems


Out of the box solution

Stable and precise
label placement

Orientation systems


High speed labeling heads – up to 1000 labels per min

Custom-made solutions
to best address your needs and production line

On-site support

Robust construction, combining top quality components

Cost-efficiency in mind

Easy setups for
multiple products

Labeling capability from various directions: front / back / top / bottom

Integration to complex existing production lines

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