Packaging Equipment & Automation Solutions

by Tadbik Systems

The Videojet 2120 is an easy-to-use printer for applying single or twin line alphanumeric codes to a variety of products or packages. A choice of printheads and inks enable it to print on a wide range of porous and non-porous materials. The 2120 can control two printheads for opposite side case coding, and also offers multiple printer control from one screen for more complex, multi-line coding.

Application coverage on demanding surfaces:

Advanced printhead slant control technology allows the printhead to be mounted at an angle so the text message style, density and height can be matched to the case design

Compact printhead design allows for easy integration into existing conveyance systems

Inks are quality engineered for lasting codes on a variety of products and surfaces

Built-in color touchscreen makes operator intervention easy:

Onscreen indicators report ink use, job status, message preview, counts and other production details at a central location for controlling and interacting with the printer

Control and access can be limited with passwords to help ensure your production continues unimpeded

Onscreen editor allows you to create and edit messages on the fly

Simple Usability keeps operators focused on production, not the printer:

Printer can operate in standalone mode using intuitive interface or be networked to PLCs or factory management systems for centralized control

Built-in configuration wizard shortens system setup time by guiding the operator through the installation process

Communication protocols include Ethernet, RS232 and USB to match your operating requirements

Master/follower functionality allows up to four printers to be controlled from one controller for more efficient job management

Connect packaging and printer controllers for web browser functionality of standalone machines

Print data can be encoded as ZPL or text communication

Seamless integration with other Videojet products validates matching codes factory wide:

CLARiNET®software connects all Ethernet devices, including scales and scanners, throughout the production floor

Single point message selection is delivered to multiple devices


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