Packaging Equipment & Automation Solutions

by Tadbik Systems

Videojet® 2350 & 2360 Box Printers

Uptime Advantage

Consistent high-resolution text, logo and bar codes, even on extended runs and in dusty environments

Innovative technology sustains superior print quality, without affecting production speed or throughput

Ink-based system delivers fast start-ups and durable codes that can withstand the distribution chain

Videojet LifeCycle Advantage™ can help our printer operate at peak efficiency over its operational life

Non-pressurized, non-drip ink canister enables ink to be changed without stopping production

Uptime Advantage and built-in productivity save time and money:

Print density can be optimized on a per job basis to optimize operating costs and to allow standardization on one printer type for both high and moderate print quality applications

Micro-purge process and fluid container design help ensure very high ink utilization, minimizing ink waste and mess, while saving money

Begin printing within one minute of powering up for quick daily startups

Built-in productivity

Minimum intervention needed due to patented micro-purge process and unique return line filter that can be replaced in seconds

Replace pre-printed cases and labels and print variable information on-line

180 dpi resolution allows for complete generic case coding at pre-printed quality

Code Assurance

Videojet CLARiTY™ interface helps get the right code on the right place on the right product, time after time

Easily set message parameters and limit operators to pre-specified data ranges to help avoid errors

Simple, intuitive software reduces the potential for operator errors

Use of Fluid ID Number (FIN) to virtually eliminate the possibility of the wrong ink being added

Simple usability

Top-oriented display provides preferred viewing angle and flexibility when mounted on a conveyor line

Multiple printers can be operated from a single master unit, or can be controlled remotely from a central location

Self-contained, highly-compact unit safes space and integrates easily

Simple UI driven internal priming process virtually eliminates the need for external priming devices


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