Tadbik CLP, a leader of Flexible Packaging solutions launched REPEAT ™ – a new
recyclable film.

REPEAT™ – the acronym that stands for REcyclable PolyEthylene
Advanced Technology is revolutionary in its sustainable promise: 100% recyclability.
REPEAT™ addresses the market need for sustainable packaging, without compromising
neither shelf appeal nor functionality. It combines multiple advantages:

  • It offers the properties, barrier and functionality of a standard multi-layer.
    structure, while being 100% sustainable.
  • It is suitable for recycling in communities with existing PE film recycling stream.
  • It can be recycled just like a standard Polyethylene bag (LDPE 4 ).
  • It is suitable for standard flow-pack as well as Fill & Seal equipment.

Gili Drori, CEO and owner of Tadbik CLP explains the rationale to introduce REPEAT:
”In recent years we are witnessing criticism regarding the plastics-industry and its
ramifications, mainly motivated by environmental movements. While there isn’t binding
regulation to collect and recycle food packages in almost any of the developed countries,
the packaging industry had already defined its goal to implement 100% recyclable
packages by the year 2025. We decided there’s no time like the present to accelerate this
Lila Shpakovski, CTO of Tadbik CLP elaborates: “Along with the rising demand to
introduce recyclable packaging, our customers require uncompromising printing quality,
ease of operation and similar shelf life to conventional packaging. While developing
REPEAT™, we ensured that these demands are fully met in a product that is full of proven

REPEAT™ is suitable for diverse applications across multiple segments.

  • Human Food: Bakery, Dry Food and Beverage powders, Biscuits & Cookies,
    frozen food, smoked fish, meat, soups, sauces, olives and more.
  • Non-human food: Dry pet food.
  • Personal Care: Wet wipes, liquid soaps.
  • Homecare: softeners

REPEAT™ is available as reels, pre-made flat, stand-up pouches and zippered pouches.