Now more than ever, Tadbik’s durable label for Returnable Transport Items (RTI) provides an ideal tagging solution to help track and trace plastic crates, boxes, pallets and many more!

One of the main concerns in the industry during the COVID-19 situation comes from workers having to self-isolate which may cause severe disruptions to the supply chain.

Tadbik’s durable label for Returnable Transport Items (RTI) enables our customers to avoid this risk by reducing reliance on manual logistics processes. Our RTI tags enable automatic tracking of assets across the entire supply chain, therefore providing the ability to conduct rapid stock checks and seamless auditing while increasing accuracy and reducing costs.

Tadbik’s unique RTI solutions are based on special adhesives and materials built to withstand multi-cycle washing procedures and environmental effects. Additionally, an over-lamination layer is applied to cover the graphics and protect the printed information from outdoor elements such as sunlight and UV exposure.

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