Our Story

From a Little Company with a Big Vision
To a Multinational Corporate and Market Leader

This is a story of passion for the packaging industry, entrepreneurial spirit and keen interest in innovation. It’s a story of a family business which became a second home to nearly a thousand employees. It all began by a big dreamer and a visionary leader, the late Mr. Ilan Drory.

In the early 80s, Ilan Drory, working in his family’s offset printing business, realized there was no PS label production in Israel. Seeing an opportunity, he purchased a Gallus letterpress label press and would sell labels during the day and run the press at night. Tadbik was founded in 1983 as a labels company, in a little workshop in the picturesque Galilee region of Israel.

The first product Tadbik manufactured was labels in rolls, which was highly innovative at the time. The first launch began a legacy of innovation. Drory found success in the Israeli label market, and in 1993 he merged Tadbik with its biggest competitor, Dvikol, which also manufactured label applicators. With the merger, Tadbik controlled 90% of the Israeli label market and was also able to offer a comprehensive labeling solution. That year, Tadbik became a public company at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE).

In 1997 Tadbik Pack was established in Israel. Its focus was and still is on shrink sleeves and IML. With regard to equipment, Drory’s philosophy was to have nothing but the best and so Tadbik Pack became one of the first companies in the world to operate an offset and gravure combination press, manufactured by Drent Goebel.

Tadbik invested in CLP in 1999, Israel’s largest flexible packaging company.
This acquisition helped position Tadbik as market leader in the Israeli market and a force to be reckoned with globally.

Two years later, Tadbik TAT (Tadbik Advanced Technologies) was formed, with a focus on smart label technologies such as RFID and NFC. Also at this time, in 2001, Drory launched – under the CLP name – a pouch-making division in Russia.

In 2003 Tadbik  established Tadbik Systems as a company. Formerly a division within Tadbik, Tadbik Systems is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and an engineering firm which offers a full range of labeling machines and applicators, complete Shrink Sleeves systems, Packaging and Automation solutions. Tadbik Systems also offers Coding & Printing solutions by Videojet. With its vast experience of over three decades, Tadbik Systems designed and built thousands of systems and automation solutions, many of which are tailor-made. They exemplify the engineering and out-of-the-box approach of the company.

In 2004, a state-of-the-art factory was built in Teradion, Israel to provide comprehensive support for labels, shrink sleeves and IML. In 2007, Tadbik purchased the remaining shares of CLP. The company had established a healthy export business, with South Africa becoming a particularly strong market.

Since its establishment, Tadbik has been committed to excellence, innovation and uncompromising customer service. After more than three decades of growth, Tadbik’s value proposition is simply phrased as The Power of One. Today, It is second home to 950 employees at four manufacturing sites around the globe. Catering to the most respected brands in the world, Tadbik develops a wide array of innovative packaging solutions, adding value both to customers and to millions of consumers worldwide.