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Polynum is manufacturing energy saving reflective insulation materials for heat, sound insulation and for temperature-controlled shipments.
Improving energy consumption efficiency will have a direct impact on energy cost reduction, emissions and climate change. Insulation plays a crucial role in energy savings. Understanding how heat is transferred, how we gain or lose heat is essential for making the right insulation choices. Correct design, including suitable insulation selection, improves comfort level and reduces energy usage. In summer and in a hot climate, the majority of heat transfer through the building envelop is in the form of Radiation Heat.

Polynum™ products were designed to block 97% of incoming radiation heat, using reflective technology
– pure aluminum foil and/or metalized PET film laminated with PE film containing air bubbles. The layer
of still air inside the bubbles adds extra insulation properties to the product.
Unlike other insulation materials, Polynum reflective insulation products do not degrade over time. The
material is unaffected by moisture, is not delaminating or disintegrating with time. It is lightweight, thin and easy to work with Distinct from other types of insulation materials, Polynum reflective insulation is non-toxic, completely safe and does not require the use of safety equipment for installation.