Integrated smart containers are now possible with Tadbik’s new RAIN RFID In-Mold Label (IML)


Tadbik proudly announces the release of RAIN RFID In-Mold Label.

The latest innovation from Tadbik RFID is the new RAIN RFID In-Mold Label (IML).
With no need for a bulky hard tag to be drilled or inserted into a product, you can now add the RFID component to the plastic item, combined with an attractive branding opportunity and a permanent unique identification solution, the result is a no-label look product which ultimately becomes an integral component of the plastic item.

From physical to digital
In-Mold labeling is a method that integrates a label and a plastic part, such as a container or a plastic crate, during a molding process. The result is a plastic product with a fused RFID label. The RFID label transforms the physical items into a digital one which is crucial in the world of IOT, where everything is connected. Now you can automatically track and trace products, Perform accurate inventory counts, confirm ownership of products and bill accordingly. Crate manufacturers and end users (such as Food and Beverage and Automotive manufacturers) can achieve these benefits by adding the RAIN RFID component.

Durable and reliable
The RFID In-Mold label requires attention to the materials (including special substrate and protective varnish) that can withstand high temperatures during the molding process. The current RAIN RFID IML label by Tadbik contains a specially designed antenna with an Impinj Monza R6-P chip.

The right solution for High quality RFID IML tagging
With the demand for high quality RFID IML tagging solution coming from many customers, Tadbik’s R&D team used its vast knowledge in printing techniques, along with drilling into the requirements of such solution in the RFID world while working closely with pallet and crate manufacturers, in order to find the right label for this challenging application.

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