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In-Mold Labels For Decoration (Iml-D)

A fast and affordable solution for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor items, Tadbik’s IML-D labels add value and appeal to any product.
Becoming an integral part of the finished item, these highly durable and scratch resistant solutions can be reinforced by lamination or UV resistant varnish. Tadbik offers a variety of embellishments including metallic & specialty inks, textured, soft-touch, glossy and matte finishes.

At Tadbik, we rise to the challenge of providing a comprehensive solution portfolio by developing a line of cutting-edge raw materials to our customers’ diverse needs and requirements.


The labels become an integral part of the finished product.
Up to 3 years warranty for outdoor conditions
A variety of laminates available according to client's’ need
Adaption to injection with a wide range of raw materials
UV resistance available
Variable information printing available
Anti-scratch and reinforced durable varnish or laminated coats available

Intended uses

Storage solutions
Outdoor & indoor furniture
Children’s toys and furniture
Crates, boxes and cases with variable information print options
Branding for home and office appliances (water coolers, coffee machines, etc.)

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