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Promotional Shrink Sleeves

Whether launching a new product line, boosting sales or increasing brand penetration, the versatility of shrink sleeves enables a wide variety of eye-catching enhancements.
We’re happy to advice on maximizing your marketing campaigns’ effectiveness, making sure you make the biggest splash with your products.


Shrink Sleeves with integrated stickers, tattoos or scratch & sniff patches
Personalized sleeves, where each sleeve is tailored to a specific consumer or group
Randomized artwork, allowing each sleeve to be one-of-a-kind
Promotional inserts
Integrated NFC technology
Product bundles
Hidden print, accessible only once the product is consumed or the sleeve is removed
Variable codes for giveaways and sweepstakes
Removable sleeves allow promotional and nutritional information to be temporarily applied to multi-use containers

Intended uses

Product launches
Holiday and celebratory promotions
Children’s products

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