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Rfid Iml-I & Iml-B

Integrating RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) with IML
(In Mold label) enables plastic products to be uniquely and permanently identified, tracked and traced throughout the entire lifespan of the plastic product.

Tadbik’s RFID in-mold label is a new and exciting solution to track and trace plastic items such as pallets, carrying crates and containers of all shapes and sizes. The RFID label becomes an integral component of the plastic item.

With RFID in-mold label, your product can store the information you choose from the moment it leaves the production line.


High durability
Can be encoded and printed with variable patterns upon demand
Top layer top printing quality
Tailor-made inlay and material types
Unique ID per item
Label becomes an integral part of the plastic product
Outstanding print quality on top layer including barcode and logo
Reads numerous items simultaneously from a distance
Smart and efficient supply chain and stock management
Rewritable data- the RFID chip includes different sizes of rewritable memory

Intended uses

Control over production processes
Quality, service and warranty control
Accuracy and ease-of-billing of Returnable Transport Items
Waste Management
Asset Tracking
Inventory and Asset Management
Returnable Transport items

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Rfid Iml-I & Iml-B