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Shrink Sleeves for Cups & Bowls

Tadbik offers 360° shrink sleeves with special heat activated adhesives the perfectly fit any cup or bowl, allowing you to use the entire visible surface of the container for communicating your brand.
Our shrink sleeves are suitable for high-speed shrink sleeve label machines and can be applied to a variety of non-circular cup shapes, including special printing effects such as merk, pearl, metallic, matte and more.


Complete coverage of the container affords the best use of space in even the smallest bowl or cup
Form fitting labels accentuate the physical form of the product, without sacrificing quality
Metallic colors, matte finish, glow-in-the-dark, glitter and other eye catching enhancements
Light barrier protection available

Intended uses

Dairy, Food & Beverage markets, where eye-catching labels are a must
Small containers where limited space must be used as efficiently as possible
High volume products which require efficient, accurate and fast labeling

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