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Disposable Triathlon Band

Meeting the unique challenge of timing a multi-sport race, our RFID disposable durable Ankle Band will ensure the most accurate measurement.

Saves time and energy by eliminating the chip collection process at the end of the race.


Top Layer

Printed polypropylene or polyethylene01

Bottom Layer

Polypropylene with 4mm  polyethylene foam02

RFID inlay

Double Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Passive inlays: ShortDipole Monza R6
Air interface protocol: EPC Gen2 Class 1, ISO 18000-6c
Operation frequency: 860-960 MHz03

Delivery format

Single units, 1200 units per box, box size 40*40*38 cm04

Shelf Life and Storage

12 months from date of dispatch by Tadbik when stored In the original packaging at 15˚-25˚C and 50% RH at operating temperature of -40˚-85˚C05


Special purpose adhesive06


Water resistant & durable


Optional pre-encoding

Time-saving solution

Light weight

Branding tool

Intended uses


Mud races

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