The Latest from Tadbik Systems: An Integrated Labeling System with a Laser Printer


Tadbik System has launched a new labeling machine with an integrated Videojet laser printer.

This advanced machine enables top, bottom and side labeling and online printing at top performance.

The customer – a Canadian producer of hummus, dips and salads, was looking for a tailor-made solution for labeling their products. As a food producer who is acquainted with Tadbik Systems’ capabilities in terms of engineering, out-of-the-box solutions and quality service, they chose Tadbik Systems again to design and build this state-of-the-art machine.

One of the main engineering challenges was to combine a massive Videojet laser printer into a label applicator and enable a seamless, speedy operation. The result is a very complex integration, both mechanically and electronically, which guarantees labeling accuracy and hi-res printing. The machine is currently installed on the factory’s production floor in Ontario, Canada.

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