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T-Shaped Kayak Tag

Canoe race timing just got easier with this specially designed label. Affixed to the kayak firmly with the tag extending upright above the surface to prevent any transmission interference caused by the watercraft body, even if adhered to metallic or carbon fiber surfaces, the T-shaped flag design, allows for the RFID tag to be read in free air and allowing for accurate time to be recorded.

Each label contains a UHF inlay with a unique number associated with each participant in the race. The tag can read up to 14 meters away, using UHF reader antennas.

This durable label is strong enough to withstand challenging water and hard terrain conditions.

Count on Tadbik on your next Canoe race event! For further information, Click here


Water resistant & Durable

Extra strong adhesive

Easy to apply

Excellent reading rates

Reads up to 14 meters

Branding tool

Intended uses

Kayak races

Canoe marathons

Boat races

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