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Videojet® 3140 CO2 Laser Marking System

The Videojet 3140 10-Watt CO2 laser marking system is engineered to offer all of the performance features found in higher wattage Videojet lasers, but with a power source better matched for moderate line speed applications.
Ideal for both simple and complex code requirements on a range of substrates including paperboard, glass, painted metal, paper labels, PET and other plastic materials.
The 3140 offers flexibility to meet a broad range of applications in many food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical operations.

Versatile coding solution delivers high performance

Optimized control software automatically calculates the most efficient way to mark, achieving faster marking speed

Uptime Advantage helps keep productivity up and costs down:

CLARiTY™ Laser Controller reduces operator errors helping to ensure products are coded correctly, and advanced productivity tools help identify the root cause of downtime events to help make sustainable process improvements

Laser tube is designed with larger gas volume and system is optimized for air-cooling to provide operational life of over 45,000 hours

Optional IP65 makes printer suitable for harsh production environments without need for plant air

Engineered to precisely match your exact coding needs and integration requirements:

32 standard beam delivery options for integrating the laser marking system into your packaging or filling equipment can help produce the best system uptime

Detachable umbilical available in 3 lengths for easy integration and line changeover, plus focus finder tool for quick set up of accurate focal distance

Multiple communication options designed to help integrate the laser marking system into many different control systems

Two available laser wavelengths, three marking heads and thirteen lenses for optimal code quality on your specific materials


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