Polynum Insulation

Livestock Buildings Insulation

Polynum Livestock is an acid proof specification. Innovative and washable design to meet all livestock and highly corrosive structures where our unique Acid Proof layer ensures continuous insulation performance for a long period of time. Designed for tough conditions, such as broilers buildings, paper mills, and so forth. Thanks to acid proof design, Polynum™ ACID Proof will not corrode even in tough and extreme conditions.


Acid proof
High Thermal resistance (R-value)
Washable, corrosion resistant
Light weight
Ease of application
moisture proof, fungus and mold free
Does not attract nesting, rodents, birds, or pests.
Non-itchy. FDA, HACCP and BRC approved.
Antistatic, does not collect dust, does not retain bacteria, odors nor dirt.
No protective equipment such as gloves or breathing equipment is required for installation
Hypoallergenic, non-crumbling material, no airborne micro particles, does not create respiratory problems.

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