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Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL) / Self-Adhesive Labels

Pressure Sensitive Labels, (PSL) are packed with benefits.
They are self-adhesive and are suitable for almost any container shape, size and material.
In fact, they constitute the majority of all labels in today’s market.
Tadbik provides a wide range of versatile Pressure Sensitive Labels solutions, from short runs for product launches and variable data printing for promotional campaigns, to unlimited high volume production for established items.
Tadbik is a one-stop shop for a range of high quality Pressure Sensitive Label products in short lead times.
We can produce sophisticated custom labels in high volume.
In addition, variable data capabilities mean that each label can contain different texts, barcodes, or images, allowing the creation of individualized personal labels or randomized unique labels in unlimited numbers.

Pressure Sensitive Labels application


Short lead times
Can use paper, film or foil as their primary label materials
Strong R&D capabilities
Can be Printed with a wide range of inks
Variable Data Printing (VDP)

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