Smart Labels & RFID Tags

Logistics & Distrubtion

With Internet of Things (IoT) taking center stage of industrial processes, RAIN (UHF) RFID labels and tags enable smart and unique identification of items and products.

With RFID technology, items are automatically and uniquely identified. Unlike barcodes, that require a line of sight and are sensitive to environmental conditions such as dirt and dust, the RFID labels can be read even when not directly accessible or visible. RFID labels enable automatic processing and identification of each container, pallet or item coming in and out of the warehouse with the capability of automatic track and trace of every item all the way to the end customer. The results are accurate inventory, reduced waste and improved productivity in addition to complete tractability and enhanced information transparency between supplier and customer.

Whether you need take-from-stock or a customized label solution, pairing the right materials with the right tag for your project, is Tadbik’s expertise.

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