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RFID In-Mold (IML) Label

Tadbik’s RFID In-Mold Labeling and Pallet Tag is a new and exciting solution to track and trace plastic items such as pallets, carrying crates, big boxes and containers. The RFID label becomes an integral component of the plastic item.

In numerous industries, such as the food and beverage and the automotive, returnable transportation items (RTIs) play a key role as they identify, keep track of location, delivery and maintenance of transport assets. Management of Returnable Plastic crates (RPC) is tricky: these costly assets are often lost or stolen, resulting in a significant asset management challenges as well as the hefty expenses.

Integrating RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) with IML (In Mold label) enables plastic products to be uniquely and permanently identified, tracked and traced throughout the entire lifespan of the plastic product. The IML label is integrated into the product during plastic injection molding. The label is especially designed to withstand high temperature and pressure during the molding process and comes with an option of printed logo and barcode on the face layer.

RFID In-Mold Labels enable real-time tracking of each individual RTI asset, tray or container – from the moment it leaves your facility to the moment it is returned. Plastic asset tracking and Pooling management is made easy with this smart RFID label solution.

Equipping managers with real-time data, enable online analytics of assets at any point throughout the supply chain. Ready to test our RFID IML Label? Click here


Every label has its own unique ID number per pallet
High quality printing of barcode, logo and text
High durability - label cannot be erased or removed
Provides visibility of assets status across the supply chain
Increases efficiency
Fast and secure identification

Intended uses

Smart track and trace of RTIs (Returnable Transport Items)
Food and Beverage supply chain
Smart stock management
Automotive closed loop logistics

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