Food Co-Packing solutions

Co-Packing Solutions

The food industry is constantly looking for ways to add more: greater value, new ingredients and experiences that support today’s liquid lifestyle. One of the best ways to do so is toppers. This elegant solution can lead to the expansion of product lines and provide a competitive edge in many segments including yogurts, soft cheese and spreadables, to name several. Based on extensive know-how, proven capabilities and reputation in the packaging industry, Tadbik introduces a comprehensive solution for producing toppers, based on cutting-edge machinery. The rich additions enhance flavor and and enrich the eating experience, anytime, anywhere.

Wrapping Solutions

Tadbik T4Pex provides various wrapping solutions, either as single units or as bandolier overwrapping. The latter enables seamless automated application.


The lid isolates the packed food, preserving freshness and texture
Unlimited possibilities of additions: from nuts, grains and sweet ingredients such as chocolates and cookies to powders and syrups.
Divided toppers are available to provide two types of ingredients
Different heights of toppers are available for larger ingredients such as crackers and bagels
Automatic insertion of a folded spoon – for on the go consumption

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