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NFC Wristbands

The NFC wristband is perfect for cashless wallets and access control of events, waterparks, leisure resorts and museums. It is smart and durable, designed to support the operational and entry management of large venues and allows for fast and convenient social media and brand engagements applications.

The patent-approved NFC wristband is light and comfortable on the wrist and can be branded with you logo, barcodes, QR and serialization requirements. Tadbik can provide a customize wristband with a variety of materials and inlay types.

Facility operators enjoy offering smooth and secure admission processes, crowd control and membership programs. All with a simple Tap.

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Optional pre-encoding
Allows interactive & personalized marketing
Cashless wallet
Optional printing of UID & serial number

Intended uses

Admission Control
Marketing promotion
Smart hotel solutions
Cashless Wallet – “Tap & Pay”
Designed to enhance customer interaction
Ultimate security against counterfeit

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NFC Wristbands