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In-Mold Labels For njection (Iml-I)

In-mold labels are indelibly fused with their containers, ensuring an elegant cohesive look.
Tadbik’s IMLs can be produced at any size, in a range of thicknesses and wide variety of substrates.
Transparent, opaque, metallic, textured, glossy or matte finishes are available to help your products stand out from the crowd.
Tadbik’s technology has taken IML-I to new heights with even larger labels available, innovative IML-I tear-off coupons, and a variety of finishes.
Our unique printing technology allows us to offer not only quality printing, but also a variety of film thicknesses from 30μ-180μ.


A graphic, seamless, no-label look
Label cannot be removed from the container
Low cost in large quantities
No additional labeling process required

Intended uses

Refrigerated or frozen foods
Markets where recycling is highly desirable
Items with extensive life cycles
Regulated items that must include warnings, instructions or labels
Soft-sided containers that can be difficult to label
Items exposed to corrosive or weathered environments

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